About Call-a-Car Battery
24-Hour Car Breakdown Services


To sustain in the Auto Recovery Car Breakdown Service industry is a very hard and tough job. Initially, we started out small and green in the vehicle recovery scene but however managed to slowly gain popularity due to the overwhelming response from the car owners, we then decided to expand and extend our service to the whole of Singapore.

At CACB, we believe in providing our customers with service of only the highest stanards and we hope to foster a long term relation with them. Additionally, we promise to always provide our customers with an pleasant experience even when faced in their darkest moments during a car breakdown.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission lie in our work, as we have been listening to people a lot lately what kind of promising service they want and we see that what they expect in return from us. Therefore keeping these experience in our mind from past few years we managed to build a team of young, professional, interactive and expert people who knows how to deal with customers nicely and after every work we manage to get the feedback of people so that we can help ourselves out in providing more outstanding customer service in future.

Our vision is quite simple and goal oriented. We want 100% satisfaction of our customers at any cost. We need a reputation in the market that no one have and provide service that no one can give. Our long-term vision is to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. And we want that because we are nothing without respected customers. We believe in customer’s satisfaction more than anything. If we provide our best support with undoubtedly excellent service our customers would be happy and they won’t think a second time before calling us for help. And but not least out short term vision is to maximize our relationship with our customers this could help us getting a reputation in the market from word of mouth and help us expand more. We guarantee that our customers would be happily satisfied with us they would return again.

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